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Matt Cooky



So growing up with 6 older brothers in Sheffield wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but in between the arguing, play fighting and countless broken bones I always found time to help my mum out when she was creating styles for the local ladies in our kitchen. I guess that was when I started to get interested in the hair industry. Seeing her being creative and interacting with her clients was so satisfying and I knew I wanted to make people feel good about themselves just like my mum did.


The day I left school I went straight to my local village salon and started working as an apprentice. I’ve always been eager to learn so I watched the stylists every move and learnt the basics of female styling. I’d research styles at home and practice these whilst training. When my confidence grew I went to work in a city salon so I could learn more about modern styling and gentlemen’s barbering.


So, after 5 years of hard graft and perfecting my trade in the Steel City it was time for a change. Looking through Instagram I came across a new, interesting and creative salon called Blueberry bangs in Manchester – and they were looking for stylists. I sent my CV off straight away, and well the rest is history!

The Founder of Blueberry Bangs was an amazing mentor and nurtured my talents and creative eye. She gave me opportunity after opportunity and I learnt so much about colouring and styling. When the Founder needed to move on to new pastures, I immediately stepped up to the challenge of becoming the new Owner of Blueberry Bangs.


The clientele here at Blueberry Bangs are amazing and I’m thoroughly enjoying making the girls and guys of Manchester look and feel their best and hope to for many years to come!

New Talent 

Hey Bangerzz! I am Tegan the New Talent here at Blueberry Bangs. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to be part of the team as soon as I left school and complete my training here under the supervision of amazing stylists.


Hairdressing is something that i have always been passionate about, but I used to put it down because of other people's opinions. I learnt to follow my dreams and now I aspire to be an amazing stylist here at Blueberry Bangs.


Being a part of the Blueberry Bangs family has helped me improve my confidence and drive. I can't wait to see what the future holds on my journey here.

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