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2020 Here we come

"A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life"

Stroll into 2020 with a Bang!. Here are some of our predictions on what trends will be greeting us in 2020.....


Just skimming your shoulders and still allowing you to tie your hair up.

For those that are considering going short but want to take baby steps.


Bold face framing hi-lights that add life to your face or making a bold statement with two contrasting colours.


There's a bang for everyone. Bold above the eyebrow statement bangs, sexy choppy eyebrow resting bangs, blunt bangs, heavy bangs, winged bangs... do you get the gist?


Whether that be all the colours of the rainbow or one cheeky panel . The point of this is to be able to express yourself but keep it to yourself if you choose.


Pastels are not going anywhere. Allowing everyone to try a not so natural colour. Even for the weekend!


Confuse someone at the bar by turning one way or the other! whether you opt for complete contrasting tones or subtle shades of the same family. This is a daring look.


One of Blueberry Bangs favourites, a shadowed root allows your hair to grow colour out much more subtly. Creates a beautiful dimension to compliment any cut.


Classy through and through, whether a muted warm tone or cool and icy. Bronde is the perfect combination of not quite blonde but not quite brown.

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