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Are we worth it?

I’m confident most people will have heard the phrase “cheap hair ain’t good, and good hair ain’t cheap”

I’m going to skim over the fact that all salons pay rent, bills, wages, pensions – blah blah blah. I’m sincerely hopeful that everyone understands that these things need to be payed?

Let’s give thought to stock, or product, the things that we use on your hair.

I learnt the hard way many years ago, as most future professionals do. Cheap products don’t deliver good results!. From the nasty £5 bleach that leaves you with yellow, dry hi lights – to the 99p a tube of colour off the internet - It’s impossible and I mean IMPOSSIBLE no matter how skilled of a stylist to produce quality work with a mediocre product.

Every single head of hair is different for multiples reasons. Texture, natural pigment present - or lack of it, tone, percentage of grey, condition, and history to name a few.

Do the instructions that come with a colour explain what to do to tackle each one of these potential issues?


Every hairdresser will tell you that they never, ever stop learning. More so in recent years than ever before I believe. The increasing demands of clients coupled with the explosion of social media platforms such as instagram have not only made their audiences better informed of what is available to them but exposed the true technicality and creativity. Which to me suggests that education is now a fundamental aspect of being a hairdresser.

Being extremely educated in my profession has always been important to me. Now as a salon owner it is important for my team to be educated also. Education along with good quality products is not something I begrudge paying. But it is a cost nonetheless.

I know I can speak for my team, as well as myself when I say we genuinely love what we do. We are passionate and committed. I believe that predominantly comes from being encouraged to develop – personally and professionally, and never cutting corners in product and education we believe in.

In the words of L’Oreal “we’re worth it”.

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