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Bleach and Tone

Ok, so you've probably heard the bleach is damaging to your hair. From a hairdressers' perspective it probably is the strongest chemical we are legally allowed to use on your hair.

Does this suggest that you should avoid bleaching, hi-lighting, balayaging your hair?

Errrrm, no! Bleach can be amazing and look phenomenal when done correctly.

Blueberry Bangs stylists have undergone countless hours of education and training in specific methods and product research to ensure our bleaching services are safe, effective and done correctly.

Don't get me wrong, it is not easy and is the most unpredictable colouring service we provide. Here's why...

NOBODY has virgin hair anymore; making battle number one fighting through artificial colour- which will almost always contain lots of lovely stubborn red and yellow pigments. So, as much as nothing would make us happier than to make you platinum blonde in one sitting, sometimes (most of the time) Mr. Red and Mr. Yellow just won't have it:( only allowing us to tone to a certain level.

Bleach works differently to tint, drawing out colour molecules from your hair, as opposed to adding them. Using a bleach that is too powerful or leaving it on for too long can result in weakening of the hair and breakage. Here we have battle number two!. This is where our meticulous bleaching techniques come in to play alongside the use of amazing bond building products such as olaplex.

Olaplex links broken bonds in the hair and can be used during all colouring services such as bleaching to minimise damage. It can also be used as a separate treatment in salon and at home:)

Battle number three is YOU!, yes you. After we have done our very best for you in Salon we expect you to do the very best for yourself at home. I promise you we are only recommending aftercare because you actually need it for maintenance. Supermarket aftercare is not the same, but that's another blog completely.

Of course there is much more to bleaching than these 3 points alone but if you can start to understand that sometimes it could be a journey and not instantaneous, and a commitment instead of a winging it colour then you're on your way:). Sometimes we will need to bleach AND tone more than once, sometimes you'll be here for aaaaaaages!, sometimes we will have to reconsider the desired outcome depending on lift and/or porosity. Sometimes it will be easy! who knows. It's a process and like I said previously an unpredictable one.

If done properly however, and if the correct steps are taken there is no reason for you not to have healthy bleached hair.

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